cell phone GPS jammer parameters

This kind of cell phone jammer with 8 all GSM 3 g CDMA 4 g frequency, block, 750230 MHZ 4 g LTE and WiFi for American customers, avoid to ride the bus, car, cinema, a church and mobile office meeting, make your children don't get to the Internet at night, develop good habits and customs, keep healthy physical condition. Mobile wifi jammer specification:Working radius: 15 m.Output power:..


cell phone jammer is Legal?

Mobile phone jammers that are commonly bought in the United States are online. The federal communications commission is trying to prevent other countries from selling and delivering jammers to the United States, but some intruders are e-mailing them. Non-mobile cell phone jammer are not allowed in the UK, Canada, Switzerland and Australia. In October 2011, the federal communications comm..